This API allows for the CRUD of the described resources and the student_sessions for the exam.


The current V3 API is set under /api/v3 of the application domain.

Accept header

The Accept header must also be set to “application/vnd.procwise.v3”.

Authentication required

Authentication token has to be part of the request. It needs to be passed in the Authorization header.
Authorization: Token token=YourToken



Resource Description
GET /exams/:exam_id/documents/:document_id/attachments List attachments
GET /exams/:exam_id/documents/:document_id/attachments/:id Show an attachment
POST /exams/:exam_id/documents/:document_id/attachments Create an attachment
DELETE /exams/:exam_id/documents/:document_id/attachments/:id Destroy an attachment


Resource Description
GET /exams/:exam_id/documents List documents
GET /exams/:exam_id/documents/:id Show a document
POST /exams/:exam_id/documents Create a document
PATCH /exams/:exam_id/documents/:id Update a document
PUT /exams/:exam_id/documents/:id Update a document
DELETE /exams/:exam_id/documents/:id Destroy a document


Resource Description
GET /exams List exams
GET /exams/:id Show an exam
POST /exams Create an exam
PATCH /exams/:id Update an exam
PUT /exams/:id Update an exam
DELETE /exams/:id Destroy an exam
GET /exams/:id/index_students List the students in an exam
GET /exams/id/show_student Show a student in an exam
POST /exams/:id/add_student Create and add a student to an exam
DELETE /exams/:id/delete_student Destroy and remove a student from an exam
POST /exams/:id/send_emails Send the exam emails for all the students in an exam
PUT /exams/:id/add_comanager Add a user as a comanager to an exam
DELETE /exams/:id/remove_comanager Remove a user as a comanger to an exam


Resource Description
GET /institutes/:id Show an institute
POST /institutes Create an institute
PATCH /institutes/:id Update an institute
PUT /institutes/:id Update an institute
DELETE /institutes/:id Destroy an institute


Resource Description
GET /institutes/:institute_id/users List users
GET /institutes/:institute_id/users/:id Show an user
POST /institutes/:institute_id/users Create an user
PATCH /institutes/:institute_id/users/:id Update an user
PUT /institutes/:institute_id/users/:id Update an user
DELETE /institutes/:institute_id/users/:id Destroy an user